Day Man Sing Along

Yesterday, I came across a video that, while diabetes-inducingly sweet and extremely cute, raises more questions than it answers. The video description says this is a kindergarten class in Japan. They are standing in front of a dry erase board with an incredibly accurate drawing of Peter Griffin from Family Guy. And they’re singing Day Man from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. There is no other information or context given in the video or the description. Is this an American culture section of their studies? Is there such a thing? Are Japanese kindergarteners allowed to watch It’s Always Sunny? If so, why?

I could go on asking questions all night. What I do know is that this video is adorable and that, out of context, Day Man is pretty kid friendly. Even if you don’t watch the show I think you’ll love it.

Here’s the original for a comparison.

Not the obvious choice for a kindergarten sing along. But hilarious nonetheless.



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