The Next Running Challenge

Well, after almost no deliberation, I’ve decided that I’m going to run a half marathon in May. My coworker, Jeremy, ran one yesterday. And my inspiration for running a 5K, Kendra, ran a full marathon. I heard the stories of their runs and I realized that I want to challenge myself. That’s why I decided to run a 5K. I need something to work toward, something to accomplish.

It seems like a daunting task and honestly, it will be. But I have seven months to train and make sure I’m ready. I’m going to eat better and train more consistently to make sure I’m in the best shape I can be before I attempt this. I dropped the ball when I came to my Gladiator Dash 5K. I didn’t train well enough or eat with any discipline. Things are going to be different for the half marathon. I’m going to show restraint and discipline. I’m going to be ready.


One thought on “The Next Running Challenge

  1. Good luck! I’ll see ya at the half! My next goal is to beat my first half time, by 15 minutes. (;

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