Pioneer Balloon, My Most Memorable Job

Of all the words I’d use to describe myself, “sentimental” would rank pretty high on the list. Especially in the last year of COVID-forced separation from family and friends, my memories of times past have always been extremely dear to me. Often, random occurrences will remind me of something and I’ll bask in the warm […]

A Couple of Beers: 2-Hop IPA

STATS Beer: 2-Hop India Pale Ale Brewery: 4204 Main Street Brewing Co. ABV: 6.7% Description: This West Coast-style India Pale Ale features dry floral hop notes upfront with a clean citrus hop finish. Our Thoughts Matt I was pretty jazzed when I pulled an IPA out of our mystery box tonight. Yes, that’s right. I […]

A Couple of Beers: S’more Chocolate and Marshmallow Ale

  STATS Beer: S’more Chocolate and Marshmallow Ale Brewery: Shiner ABV: 5.0% Description: To celebrate our 111th year of independent brewing, we brewed Shiner S’more with real Texas chocolate. We sought out the perfect fire-roasted cacao for this chocolatey creation. We brewed up Texas small-batch cacao along with roasted malts for a full-bodied flavored ale […]

A Couple of Beers: Walnut Brown Ale

STATS Beer: Walnut Brown Ale Brewery: goodwood ABV: 6.0% Description: Brown ale with walnuts aged on oak. Touched by wood. Brewed with limestone water. Our Thoughts Matt First of all, the name of this brewery makes my inner 13-year-old snicker. The double entendre must have been chosen on purpose. But it just so happens to […]

A Couple of Beers: Merry Berry Ale

  STATS Beer: Merry Berry Ale Brewery: Schlafly ABV: 6.0% Description: “Merry Berry Ale uses blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry meshed together for a bold, deep-red beer. An ale inspired by sweet flavors of a French pastry. Smooth and complex.” Our Thoughts This beer was a special edition Schlafly put out just before the holidays. Special […]

A Couple of Beers: A Husband and Wife Beer Review

Welcome to our beer blog! By Matt Three things you should know about us before we start: We’ve been married for almost seven years. We live in Wichita, KS. We LOVE craft beer. Those three things intersect more than you’d think. When you’ve been married awhile and have young kids at home, you take date […]

And We Ran Week 1 Day 2 (Emma)

​Matt: Day 2 Exercise At Home Weight: 199 lbs I decided to do something a little different today. Instead of doing one of the workouts we have, I decided to arms and abs. Emma’s mom gave us some weights so I did bicep and tricep curls. Since it was raining this morning, Emma couldn’t […]

And We Ran Week 1 Day 2 (Matt) 

Matt: Day 2 Run 5 minute warm-up, alternate running one minute and walking for 90 seconds, 5 minute cool down  Weight: 196 lbs Today was my first early run. It was pretty dark and…I may have tripped a time or two. The sidewalks around my neighborhood are kind of uneven. My toe caught the edge […]

And We Ran Week 1 Day 1 (Emma)

Emma: Day 1 Run 5 minute warm-up, alternate running one minute and walking for 90 seconds, 5 minute cool down  Let it be known: today I ran. At 5:45am. In the dark. I had one of those light up snap bracelets and everything! I felt legit! In all seriousness, the first day of running was […]