So it turns out that Emma and I have screwed up Greta even more than we first thought. It’s clear she absolutely believes she’s dominant. She nudges our hands for pets, we pet her. Dominance. She lays down when we’re trying to get her to do something, we let her get away with it or […]

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Alpha Dog

Greta, our dog, has been a part of our family since July. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about dog ownership since then, it’s that no matter how cute you think they are you, have to act with authority. We’re two months away from having a baby in house. I’m not worried about how Greta […]

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Things have been preeeetty hectic around the homestead lately. So hectic, in fact, that I wasn’t able to come up with a New Year’s Resolution. I’ll be the first to admit that making resolutions just because the earth successfully made it around the sun again is silly. If you see a need to change something […]

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Back To Normal

So it looks like things are about to get back to normal. If only there was a way to digitally knock on wood. My 24-hour flu has passed. Now I’m starving and my neck is killing me. But I’m not vomiting so I’ll consider that a win. I’m ready for things to settle down. That […]

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I Feel Like Crap

Update: I have the full fledged flu. The vomiting clued me in. Probably won’t be able to go to work. Damn! That’s not going to look very good… So, in the waning hours of my remaining freedom before going back to work, I get sick. Actually I’ve had a cough and chest congestion since the […]

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A Very Long Week

I should get it out of the way now: this is another short post. It’s the end of an excruciatingly long week. We laid my grandma to rest just under a week after she passed away. The whole ordeal has been emotionally draining. In a way, it’s nice to finally have closure. Honestly, I’ve never […]

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So It Begins

My day was spent with family. It was my grandma’s viewing and rosary. Pretty rough one to say the least. On top of the stress of a death in the family, I’ve been dealing with a chest cold that won’t go away. Unfortunately, I have now added sinus headache to my list of symptoms so […]

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