The Perks of Playstation

After five¬†years of XBox Live, I got a PS4 and I was finally introduced to the beauty of Playstation Plus. Towards the end of my time on Live, they started aping PS+ but they couldn’t match it. Not by a long shot. PS+ gives users a wide array of free games, games that are relatively […]

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Racing the Storm

After an unusually long wait, we’re about to get some severe weather. Personally, I’m a fan of thunderstorms and God knows we need the rain. But this storm is admittedly a little inconvenient. I have to go across town for a race prep meeting. There’s a chance I’ll have to race the storm home or […]

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Be Like A Hawk

I couldn’t say exactly why but today was a good day. All day yesterday, I was in an exceptionally dark mood. Work was normal but I still got pissy about every little thing. For no particular reason I was on edge this morning.¬†Honestly, I thought I might be in a spiritual and existential funk. I […]

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Not At Full Capacity

I’m incredibly tired today. After getting up early yesterday, we caught a late movie with my cousin. Grand Budapest Hotel was a fantastic movie but it kept me up a little later than I would have liked. Because of all that, I was dragging ass all day today. I can’t write a full post. My […]

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A Great Easter

Easter started early this morning. I woke up at 6:30 to run. Initially I hit snooze reasoning that I had all the time in the world to run before we had to do anything. But I realized that if I didn’t get up immediately I wouldn’t run at all. So I forced myself to get […]

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Long Easter Eve

It’s been a long day. We drove out to Wellington for Emma’s dad’s family Easter. Then came back to my parents’ house to dye Easter eggs. From there we went to Newton for Easter Vigil mass to see my cousin John become Catholic. Now I’m back home teaching the clock to pay this before midnight. […]

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Day Off Yardwork

Emma and I used our day off to clean up our backyard today. I always bitch and moan about how the previous owners never did any kind of yardwork. Today I realized that I’m just as guilty as they are. We raked five bags of leaves out of the back of my yard. Once that […]

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