My Challenge Is Completed

One year ago today, I joined a group of my co-workers in an attempt to start a “blog squad.” We made it our goal to blog every day. Slowly, the other members fell away but once I started I couldn’t stop. I love writing. There was a catharsis in the routine of writing a post […]


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It’s Almost Puppy Time

Now that the end of June is getting closer, the prospect of getting a dog is becoming more and more real. Emma and I look at the puppies on the Humane Society website multiple times a day. Until recently¬†it’s been the cutest form of torture. Now it’s become research. We’ve been consistently seeing an adorable […]

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Big Family Get Together

Tonight we had my mom’s entire family over to our house. About 22 people. I think that might be the most people we’ve ever had here at one time. It’s funny, I never noticed how much more I cared about my furniture until I had that many people over. But I found myself watching everyone […]

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Future Tuition

Today on NPR I heard a story that made me fear for the future. These days that’s not a hard thing to find with an extremist group taking over Iraq, US students on the lower half of the world in terms of grades and the list goes on. But this story was about the cost […]

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I’m Tired

Recently, I haven’t been myself. My thoughts have been a little frazzled. As days have worn on, I have had more and more trouble focusing and gathering my thoughts. Maybe I should be worried but I know it’s because I haven’t gotten enough sleep for a few weeks now. This summer has been packed with […]

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Getting Buff Maybe

As I have many times over the course of my life, I’m trying to get into shape yet again. The problem is getting the motivation to stick with it. That’s a real problem when every time I look in the mirror I see so much I’d like to change. Tonight I went to the gym […]

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To My Dad On Father’s Day

I’ve been lucky enough to grow up with strong male role models. Not to brag, but I believe I’ve turned out alright.  My dad may have his flaws but he’s taught me some valuable lessons. One of my earliest memories is of a video he recorded of himself reading me a book before he went […]

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